Jonathan Pazer - Photographer

I'm fascinated by shape and light and patterns. The pictures I make are moody, introspective and seek to capture the energy of a place.

Photography and art became the center of my life after I left my law practice in New York City and devoted myself to making art and photography my full-time activity, which let to my becoming a founder and then chairman of the Gardiner Open Studio Tour in New York's Hudson Valley for four years. I later moved to Mendocino with my wife Andrea McFarland, a landscape painter and fantasy writer. In 2018 I had a solo show at the Mendocino Art Center for a series of large-format digital pinhole images accompanied by ekphrastic poems, and shortly there after joined the Mendocino Coast Photographers Gallery, just in time to have the gallery closed for 3 months for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since joining the gallery, my photography has shifted from primarily abstract to a more fine-art landscape style. I have a particular interest in Black & White and in Infrared Photography, both of which add a wonderful level of abstraction to what would otherwise be color landscapes. This adds spice to some of my work and lets me continue to express my interest in abstraction in a more controlled way, without going all the way to complete abstraction.

I am available for custom photographic projects including on location shooting to help you create that special picture of your area or landscape to go on your wall. Please inquire.

Jonathan Pazer

Mendocino, California Feb. 2024