About John Birchard

John Birchard

I rely on my years of experience as a professional photgrapher and the latest technologies to create ready to hang nature imagery which I sell through our gallery. 

Though I enjoy all kinds of photography, I still consider landscape to be my art form.  Since I am lucky enough to live by the dramatic North Pacific Ocean, many of my images are seascapes. I also enjoy the challenge of photographing the stately giants of the redwood forests, the solitary beauty of the deserts, and the majestic mountains. On this unique planet of ours, constantly shifting light and atmospheric conditions sometimes come together to create moments of transcendent beauty.  My goal is always to be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment, knowledge and experience to capture an evocative image.

But that’s just part of the work. Making a beautiful print, even from a well photographed image also takes a thorough understanding of how to manipulate, print and display the captured image.  We print our images on canvas and paper with our own Epson SureColor 9000, and we also order prints on aluminum.

The images are available in various sizes. If you don't see what you want in our web store, please call us at 707-964-4706, or email manager@mcpgg.com.